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December 12 2008
Posted by freemoviesxxx  [ 04:22 ]
The Best Rape Movies
SCREAM AND CREAM has a unique approach to the forced sex niche. Not only are the rape movies and photos more extreme than most, there is a special touch at the end: they all finish up with an internal cum shot! Not only are the girls raped, they are forced to be cum receptacles! The ULTIMATE humiliation!
So, what we really have here is two flavors combined into one. If you are into just domination and extreme sex, you get it here and then some. If you are into internal cumshots, you get it here and more… if you are in to both, well, get your wings ready because you are about to enter heaven!
The video collection at SCREAM AND CREAM is excellent. Nicely shot with full color and full sound, this is just about as close to watching a DVD as you are going to get without actually putting one in. You can hear these girls fighting and crying as if you were in the room. They are categorized by the type of scene as well as the girl involved, so you can find more of what you want FAST.
The picture archive is also great. Thousands of images that you can view in the browser or download to your computer. No grainy screen shots, it seems that the SCREAM AND CREAM team took the time to bring in a real photographer to document their video shoots as well as do some exclusive-to-photo content.


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November 30 2008
Posted by freemoviesxxx  [ 15:28 ]
Scream And Cream Rape Movies
Nastya was a typical stupid blonde that thought that the peephole in her front door was used for ventilation - that's why she didn't look into it after the bell had rung. If she did she would never risk opening the door to this huge muscular baldhead that was already horny with anticipation of a hot fuck. He didn't even bother to drag this sweetie into the bedroom - he just bent her over the table in the hall, pulled down her tiny thongs and banged the shit out of this yelling and crying babydoll...

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November 04 2008
Posted by freemoviesxxx  [ 15:56 ]
Asian Rape Movie 1
Kylie's special day was getting closer and closer - she had just got her wedding dress and was going to try it on but the delivery guy just wouldn't go away - he said he wanted to make sure that everything fit her just right. Poor kitty - she shouldn't have got naked in front of this bald asshole. She had barely got rid of her jeans when he pushed her from behind and pressed hard against the bed. A couple of seconds later her hands were safely twisted behind her back and her hips were spread wide welcoming the guy's monstrous rod to penetrate her little pinkie...
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Posted by freemoviesxxx  [ 15:52 ]
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Dan heard the footsteps getting closer… Yeah, it must be her! He rushed at this sweet dark-haired cutie as soon as she appeared – two seconds later she was in his arms trying to break free savagely. Cool down, cutie! Another minute – and they were already in her room. The only way to stop this bitch’s yelling was to gag her twisted mouth with something thick, so Dan quickly unzipped his pants and stuffed his rigid meat between her full soft lips… Shut up and suck it, bitch!
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Kate was so scared when this muscular fighting cock broke into her room drunk and announced her bedroom a battlefield. No mercy, no justice and no prisoners taken - she felt like a doll when this crazy dipshit grabbed her and dragged onto the bed. His dong was now aimed at her like the barrel of some enormous gun. What could she expect from him - of course she got shot right into her tight juicy slit. If only you could see this yummy chick whinnying and twitching with pain and terror.
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Posted by freemoviesxxx  [ 15:22 ]
Russian Rape Movie 1
Gosh, it was terrible! Just a second ago Katya had been smoking on the porch and now she was already back into her room - all naked with her mouth gagged and her long legs spread wide. Two drunk studs were standing over her with their huge stiff cocks aimed at this stunning shaven snatch. Tears were streaming down her cheeks but it didn't help to keep the guys out. They pumped her little slit in all possible poses and... walked away leaving her weeping over her stretched pinkie.

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